What We Do


Gasoline continues to fuel most of the world’s car fleet. Gasoline is made by blending a number of refined products with this blend varying to specifications, depending on local requirements.

We supply customers worldwide with the specification appropriate for their needs. We have a range of logistical assets from gasoline tankers to a network of owned or leased storage capacity in strategic locations, enabling our customers to benefit from operational flexibility.

We source, store, blend and deliver cost-effective gasoline to our customers around the world, with an emphasis on quality service and optimal performance. We have built up long-standing relationships with refiners, downstream partners, oil companies, marketers and distributers in our trading region. We are a significant and long-standing supplier in gasoline market.

Hong-Kong - Central

  • Address: Unit 2508a 25/F
    Bank Of America Tower
    12 Harcourt Rd Central
  • Tel: 2528 3382
  • Fax: 2783 7918
  • Mail: info@caspigas.com

Istanbul - Turkey

  • Address: Atatürk Mah. Ataşehir Bul.
    42A Ada Gardenya Residance 7-1
    22 Fl. No 132
  • Tel: +90 216 455 456 7 456
  • Fax: +90 216 455 456 7 456
  • Mail: info@caspigas.com

Kiev - Ukraine

  • Address: Antonovicha St 20B
    Kiev Ukraine
  • Mail: info@caspigas.com