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Naphtha is the first petroleum product produced during the distillation process and refers to a range of volatile and flammable liquids produced by the distillation of petroleum. The liquids, which differ slightly in their chemical structures and boiling points, have various applications in the refining such as a feedstock for gasoline and the manufacture of olefins by the petrochemical industry.

We focus on long-term relationships and work with our customers to meet changing needs. Our broad product coverage allows us to take advantage of naphtha’s high substitutability. Our team work closely with the gasoline and LPG market to assess relative pricing for different products and grades and maximise our ability to deliver targeted, cost-effective shipments to our customers.

Each year we supply our naphtha customers, which include refiners, petrochemical companies and other industrials, with around 198 barrels of product. These operations are underpinned by an extensive network of storage and shipping assets, as well as our expertise.

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